Louise Darby


June 4 – 7   2010



‘Material Made Magic’

June 4 – 7 2010

All are welcome to this exhibition at a beautiful workshop and garden venue

Sunday afternoon 2.30 – 4.30 the Frank O’Neil Trio are playing smooth mainstream jazz.

Open 10 till 5

Frank O'Neil Trio

Louise DarbyCeramics and Photography

Louise is showing her finely thrown stoneware and porcelain, which has developed over more than thirty years in the profession. Making simple forms, using her own glazes, tactile textural surfaces, stylized incised, carved and pierced decoration; always with an eye for detail. Much inspiration is drawn obliquely from her photography, which she exhibits alongside her ceramics; in harmony with the exhibition’s theme.

Louise Darby - Ceramics and Photography

Helen Nock - garden furnishing

Helen makes beautiful and unusual furniture to live outside. She combines wrought iron with mosaic – a method with such diverse possibilities in combinations of media and technique. Old roofing slate and sea-worn glass forms the main body of the surfaces. A piece is often inspired by a materials original use or history, waste and found metals, things of interest - and weatherproof - become a part of the whole.

Helen Nock - garden  furnishing

Ray Key - woodturning

Ray has been turning wood for more than forty years, demonstrating and teaching his outstanding techniques at International Seminars. Purity of form, beauty and elegant simplicity has been the driving force for his work. ‘Wood has always been my medium it has so many nuances; warmth, beauty, colour and smell - to mention a few.’ Birmingham, the Victoria & Albert and Fitzwilliam Museums all have examples in their collections.

Ray Key - woodturning

Linda Miller - machine embroidery

They are wonderfully optimistic scenes and situations of people, often with animals and birds in rich colourful landscape settings. Using different types of threads and taking the stitch lines in different directions Linda creates rich, colourful, naïve and textured one-off pieces. Exhibiting in the UK, Europe and USA, Linda has pieces in collections such as the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Chandler Arts Commission Arizona USA.

Linda Miller - machine embroidery

Jenny Crisp - live willow & basket making

Jenny has an understanding of how to use the correct willow in the correct way when building a basket, making strongly functional well crafted willow baskets. They are forward looking whilst at the same time retaining a respect for the established traditions of basket making. She has a thriving UK and international market for her work, represented in several museums including the Victoria & Albert Museum London. Jenny will be demonstrating making baskets during the exhibition.

Jenny Crisp - live willow & basket making

Anna de Ville - jewellery

Anna creates beautiful, eye-catching jewellery inspired by the natural world. Currently she is exploring the design possibilities offered by the plumage and character of our native wild birds creating a new collection of jewellery and standing figures with a unique style of contrasting polished and oxidised silver, creating subtle tones and effective stylization.

Anna de Ville - jewellery

Louise selects fellow exhibitors whose work reflect similar qualities/inspirational sources to her own and are at one with the very special environment of her venue.

Visitors are able to meet the artists and find out how they go about their work.


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